As a teenage female I can openly admit that there have been times I haven't felt good about the way I look, and that I have done everything I could do to control my weight. There were points in my life before I began modelling where my weight was a dangerous topic and I wasn't very well at all.
But I think I can happily say that that is in my past now. A lot of people my be confused...
"you feel more comfortable with your weight now that you are a model? surely you feel pressured to lose weight?" 
Not at all. Seeing pictures from the photographers I have worked with makes me feel good about myself. It gives me enough confidence to get through bad days.
Everyone has bad days, but then again... everyone has good days.
I guess all I am trying to say is that I am happier with my body now, than I have ever been before. And I have modelling to thank.

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