Contrast studios in Glasgow was my first ever studio shoot...
I must say I didn't particularly like the venue... the entrance is down a dirty alley and up into a building which is actually growing moss on it's walls.
BUT the inside is great the studios had lots of props and plenty of room.
We got some good shots and I'm just waiting for the photographer to send me a few more.
I would recommend contrast studios but I am also aware that there are many more studios in Glasgow which are roughly the same price but are more modern.

In my short time on Model Mayhem I must have encountered 50+ photographers asking me to partake in nude or fetish shoots. Now its clear on my profile that they are not included in the list of work I am happy to do so why do they keep asking?
Never the less, I have had to learn how to deal with them in a professional way.  so my advice to anyone else in this situation would be,,,
  •  reply once
  • clearly state that you are uninterested as it is not the type of shoot that appeals to you
  • if they reply again, trying to change your mind, do not reply
  • if they continue to bother you, do not give in or let them change your mind.
  • report them
My first shoot with Frazer Smith  was amazing! I was nervous as this would be the first time I would work with a photographer whom I didn't know! But Frazer is a wonderful photographer! we went to the location ... which was spectacular... and we had a look around.
Then came the time I had to change into the outfit for the shoot... now it must have been about 0 degrees outside and I was wearing a dress! The things we do for fashion I suppose...
Anyway the shoot went off without a hitch and I got to see the pictures the same day which was fantastic!
So all in all minor hypothermia and numb toes were worth it! I would do it again!
Since this shoot I have worked with Frazer again and we got some great images!

As a teenage female I can openly admit that there have been times I haven't felt good about the way I look, and that I have done everything I could do to control my weight. There were points in my life before I began modelling where my weight was a dangerous topic and I wasn't very well at all.
But I think I can happily say that that is in my past now. A lot of people my be confused...
"you feel more comfortable with your weight now that you are a model? surely you feel pressured to lose weight?" 
Not at all. Seeing pictures from the photographers I have worked with makes me feel good about myself. It gives me enough confidence to get through bad days.
Everyone has bad days, but then again... everyone has good days.
I guess all I am trying to say is that I am happier with my body now, than I have ever been before. And I have modelling to thank.

I remember my first photo-shoot vividly.  A make up artist named Kaeliegh Walace had asked to work with me. I was obviously incredibly nervous!
The main problem was the photographer that came along Claire Watson, was a friend of my mum. And this would be the first time anyone besides close friends would have seen my arms which I was very self conscious about at the time.
But all parties involved were very professional, stopping me from being nervous, and getting some amazing shots!
I learned that scars don't matter. I learned that a little confidence goes a long way. I learned that I love modelling